Seal Music Studio Kindermusik Policy

In Kindermusik we believe in a child-centered approach to music education, with the whole of child development at its core. As a parent, you want your child to be happy AND learning!! And we understand that learning takes place when there is a physical and emotional connection to the whole lesson. To facilitate this, in a Kindermusik class, the parents’ involvement is crucial and always positive.

Safety & Availability

  • Parking is the street is easily accessible.
  • The studio is set up with the safety of your child paramount. A child safety gate is at the street, access is easy and there is room for strollers.
  • The floor in the studio is child safe.
  • Instruments are all safety standard checked and approved.


  • The lessons are approximately 45 minutes long.
  • The lessons follow the Kindermusik curriculum; a child rich learning experience with a well researched and orchestrated series of lesson plans with many songs, music, movement and creative play in the class.
  • The movement of your child to the next class can be fluid; your child can shift to the next year level when you feel he or she is ready.
  • All the songs, music and lyrics, the monthly story, an interactive field trip and many activities for home are available to in the Digital Home Materials. (DHM)
  • If there is a younger sibling with you, the Kindermusik curriculum gives strategies for involving them in the activities and songs, at his or her developmental level.


  • If your child has a sibling that you need to care for but who is not enrolled in class, please let me know in advance. I can discuss options involving the (usually) younger child engaging in the class, once he or she is ready.

Minimum class numbers

  • Classes will begin when three students are enrolled, while anticipating more enrolments.
  • It is preferred to have five or more children enrolled. Where a class begins with fewer than this number, Seal Music Studio will try to amalgamate relevant classes after a term.


  • Please help your child to engage in the activities offered during class time. You know them best and if you engage with them in the class process, you’ll both have a good time.
  • You may find that a child who seems not to be participating in class (but is listening and observing) will be the ones singing and dancing to their Digital Home Materials. So be patient with the seemingly reserved child. They are learning in their own style.
  • Children who move a lot in class are also learning in their own way, and their physical and aural learning in the coming months may pleasantly surprise you.

For the class

  • I encourage you to be on the floor with your child, and singing, moving, dancing, playing and cuddling through the class process.
  • Barefoot is best as your child’s feet provide them with lots of sensory information. So please take shoes off and store them away during class.
  • If your child becomes upset for any reason and you cannot calm him or her down within a reasonable amount of time, please take your child to an adjoining room for a short moment till he or she is quieter and discuss the problem (it’s often a sharing issue).

Eating, drinking and toileting

  • Please try to make sure that your child has eaten before class. Food is discouraged through the lesson, though a water bottle is essential.
  • Toilet and a nappy change table are available.
  • Tissues and hand washing facilities are provided.


  • Instruments and scarves are cleaned regularly with child-safe disinfectant.
  • If the young ones have had an instrument in their mouths there is a container available once the activity is finished, for it to be placed in.

Staying home if you or your child is unwell

  • Please let me know as early as possible if your child is ill and you cannot attend class.

Make up classes

  • If you have missed a class through illness or for another reason, I can try to arrange your attendance at another class, in a different week.
  • Depending on the length of the term, I will endeavour to arrange a family makeup class at the end of the term.

Photos and Video footage

  • As part of your enrolment, please acknowledge that photographs and video footage of your family taken by Seal Music Studio in class may be used for promotional and professional development purposes, unless you have advised me otherwise.

Cancellation of enrolment

  • Your enrolment will be ongoing unless I am notified before your next monthly installment is due that you wish to discontinue.

Piano Lessons

  • Beginner piano lesson are also available for the four & half year old up.
  • For four to six year old, I would recommend combining lessons with the ‘Move & Groove’ Kindermusik program, to allow the child a music appreciation class with a specific instrumental lesson.
  • ‘Move & Groove’ is available after school (see our timetable).
  • Beginner piano lessons for all ages are also given independently of Kindermusik classes.

Parent to parent recommendation and referrals

  • This is our most effective form of advertising! Where an enrolled family refers another family to our Kindermusik program and they subsequently enrol, both families are entitled to a $10 deduction from their next monthly payment.

Thank you for enrolling in my Kindermusik classes. I look forward to a positive and enjoyable music experience with you and your children.