I am offering eight units of four lessons this year (32 classes) from February to November (you can enrol any time). The current cost for lessons for each class is $15 per lesson, plus $10 for the Digital @Home Materials for each unit/month.  Our two preferred payment arrangements are the Subscription Model and By the Term.

Subscription Model

Our preferred payment method is through PaymentHub, an online subscription payment system. The PaymentHub service minimises paperwork, but the cost of the classes is the same. Monthly payments are calculated by adding the cost of the years’ tuition plus the monthly Digital @Home Materials, and evening them out into ten monthly payments of $56 per calendar month, with the November payment being the last. The PaymentHub form only needs to be completed after you have had your free trial lesson and choose to enrol in Kindermusik on an ongoing basis.

By the Term

By-the-term payments are $140 per term, payable at the commencement of the term.

If you would prefer another payment option, please discuss this with me prior to the first class.