Learning the Drums or Percussion

John Seal is a dedicated and experienced Drum teacher in Geelong West. John guides you through your drum and percussion lessons and practice process, helping you to get the most out of your lessons.

John offers drum and percussion lessons to students from seven years to adult, and for varying levels of skills and experience.

Why learn drums or percussion with John

John’s drum and percussion lessons include teaching the skills, techniques and habits of proficient drummers. His teaching includes posture, developing your technique, manual dexterity and coordination, rhythm and beat counting and melodic/harmonic understanding for the older student.

Benefits of drum or percussion lessons

Drum lessons will help you learn to play for enjoyment and help people wanting to join a school or community band, an orchestra, or jazz or rock group. Students that take private drum or percussion lessons tend to do very well in these environments. Drummers need to be able to play a wide variety of styles, and percussion students will encounter a range of instruments such as snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, xylophone, bells, triangle, tambourine and timpani.

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